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We had a record number of memorial signs this year, all carefully made and placed by our amazing volunteers.  Huge thank you to Genie for taking on this important task.   If you would like your sign, please contact us for pickup,



Great Black Swamp Festival of Races 25K and 15K Last Mile Memorial:   run the last mile in honor of a loved one:

This Great Black Swamp Festival of Races evolved from the Club's longstanding Randy's Festival of Races which was created in honor of Randy Raker.  Randy was a long time club member and avid runner who died from brain cancer.

Randy's Races also included the "Last Mile" Memorial with signs along the last mile of the race with the names of those TRRC members who had passed from this Earth to run better paved roads and smoother trails.  

The tradition of the Last Mile Memorial that started to honor the passing of Randy continues with the Great Black Swamp Festival of Races in the last mile of the 25K and 15K races. 

If you would like to run the last mile to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed, please email us with the name of your loved one at

Great Black Swamp Festival of Races



2019 Results





 The Great Black Swamp Festival of Races has great training & racing distances of

25K, 15K, 5K and a free 1K Kids race

See you next year


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